Let 2017’s new design direction allow you to articulate who you are through your space in inspiring and creative ways.

With an array of textures, interesting colour combinations, large patterns and luxe natural creations, this season’s trends can be adapted and re-interpreted into your style, whether it be modern, traditional, transitional or rustic.

The proliferation of the Internet and sites like Pinterest and Houzz have slowly given rise to a savvy new generation. When it comes to decorating, consumers want beautiful living spaces to accommodate their lifestyle while providing comfort and emphasizing their individuality.

With this in mind, designers are looking to soften spaces with natural elements. This is carrying through in wallcoverings, whether it be the material they are made of or the pattern they showcase. This pattern, Husk, lends to the natural trend and is made from authentic banana tree bark. Organic, raw materials are nature’s artwork that will enhance any room – it can be small in square footage but big in personality!

This is definitely a shift from the cool and white tones that was prominent in the past year. Although white will always be a classic choice, homeowners are now looking to mix things up. The deep and moody darks are inspired by humans’ connection to the universe — metals, space, stars and clouds. A shift in lifestyle sees people wanting to live in greater partnership with the surrounding universe.

For those that prefer to balance the dramatic and oversized pieces in their décor, caramel, chocolate brown, and truffle are soothing tones that can be paired to create a delicious mix of modern and elegant. These tones lend a beautiful and soothing backdrop for the bold and chunky textures.
Black and white is making a comeback, but infused with bold colours such as emerald green to create a more impactful and statement-making space.


Colour experts are also forecasting that yellow and golden colours will be strong. Its warm tones blend well with shades of green and blue. Gold, in spaces, whether it be in pillows, furniture, and window treatments, lends itself to different styles while adding great contrast in a room. This writer recently ordered a stunning, plush emerald green sofa for a client, to be paired with gold tone furnishings in a living room. Make a bold colour statement in one room, and then have it reappear somewhere else on a smaller scale.

Flooring is the foundation of all decorated spaces. As such, a lot of thought should be put into selecting durable and stylish flooring that is also low maintenance. The largest trend is flooring that looks like something it is not. For example, due to advances in manufacturing technologies, tile can now mimic much more than the look of natural stone, such as hardwood and fabrics. Larger, thinner and rectangular-shaped tiles will be used in spaces other than kitchens and bathrooms. The trend of gray flooring is not only here to stay but we will see new introductions in 2017, especially in wood-look gray tile. “I’m really excited about the lifelike visuals that porcelains now have in their stone repertoire. Within a box, there are so many visuals and patterns that it’s hard to realize that it’s not stone.” says Jason Nicols, FCI Mississauga.

A well-designed interior, regardless of size, greatly impacts how we live and influence what we call “home”. It is essential to put thought on how each room flows from one to the other with subtle moves, welcoming texture, colour, and patterns, then putting contrast with wooden surfaces. Creating a positive vibe and energy in your home is one way to discover relaxation, and makes connecting with others more comfortable and enjoyable. Make 2017 the year that you design the essence of you in your intriguing space!

Strong geometrics remain on trend and make a bold statement in a room, especially when enlarged. This season, patterns will pop up in various furnishings, displayed oversized with architectural facets.

Tribal Geometric is not only a design trend but can be found on the runway as well. Designers are taking bold geometrics and softening the edges to create different patterns, and combining these with traditional tribal prints. Thus, tribal geometric is born! An occasional chair upholstered in this print will add panache to any setting.

2017 sees a shift towards mixing and matching of materials and finishes. The industry turns to tailored pieces with simplified lines wrapped in leather and wool, and wood furniture accented with metal. These masculine embellishments are making a strong presence in furnishings, adding character and warmth to our interiors.The melding of these materials add subtle texture and sophistication to a room.

This grounded décor theme aligns nicely with the dark and rich jewel tones that this season showcases. These gem tones will not only be popular in paint colours, but also in lush fabrics and finishes.