You think you’re alone in the elevator or the jacuzzi? Maybe you’re not.

With security being the high demand amenity, this also means that the private time you have in the elevator for a quick smooch or squeeze may not be your own. Quite likely, your amorous activities are being monitored by an on duty security guard. Sure, a quick lipstick check or panty line adjustment is acceptable but beyond that, x-rated encounters may end up with a cautionary letter at your door.

Common element areas are under surveillance by cameras to ensure the safety of residents and protect the liability of the corporation should an incident occur. Often they provide much more than that and offer substance to other residents’ reports of impropriety on the common elements.

Certainly a secluded hot tub on a cold night with a glass of merlot provides the makings of a romantic night for many. Not so much when the hot tub faces on to a common area walkway or corridor complete with camera coverage to capture the fun. Imagine the poor Superintendent that has to break up that loving embrace. Also, imagining the letter from your Property Manager politely outlining the rule violations for your night of fun, like no alcohol in the hot tub, proper swimming attire required and oh, the fact that the entire course of your activities was noted by several of your neighbours as well as captured forever on the security cameras, should be enough to discourage such rendezvous. Note to self, this is public area and not a private Muskoka hide-away.


Privacy of residents is enlisted and preferred at several times of year when in suite services such as heating and A/C maintenance, fire inspection and window washing are completed. You will have been notified that on a particular day or over a period of days, your unit will be entered or viewed from outside. For your building staff and contractor’s sake, these are not the days to do your vacuuming in the buff. Be appropriately clothed and close your window coverings in order to be prepared. Even if you give the okay to the Superintendent and the fire contractor to enter your unit while you continue to watch television au natural, it is not acceptable to them and places them in a position where your residence may not be attended to in the future due to the inappropriate behaviour.

Living in close proximity to others either within a building complex or town home community, it is essential to consider those residents who live in close proximity to your home and conduct your most personal activities in a private manner to ensure that you and your fun are not a nuisance to others, visually or audibly.

Your home is not sound-proof and noises travel a great distance without your knowledge. Close proximity does not always lend itself to the privacy you may be looking for. Neighbours may not be as appreciative as your loved ones seeing you cook up a storm with only your “Who’s the Man” apron on. To be sure, a mutually embarrassing letter will be delivered to your home asking you to rein in any future displays and activities, likely noting that your kind consideration will be appreciated.

Let’s be honest, you don’t want the second letter.