Brief Overview

CC-logo-bProduced by Maple Ridge Community Management, Condo Confidential is a leading edge publication educating readers on condominium living. As the condominium market continues to boom in Ontario, Condo Confidential offers advertisers a strong venue to target this broad, lucrative and ever-growing market. Get ahead of your competition by placing an advertisement in Condo Confidential!

Why Advertise With Us?

Published quarterly, Condo Confidential distributes over 100,000 units of each issue throughout the Metropolitan Toronto and Peel Region, which is significantly higher than our direct GTA/Peel Region competitors. Condo Confidential offers advertising prices that rival those of other condominium magazines and offers a significantly higher distribution. We provide advertisers the opportunity to reach this lucrative, niche market at affordable pricing!

Audience Demographics

Condo Confidential has a broad readership that includes residents, boards of directors, property managers, and other industry professionals – such as developers, engineers, lawyers, contractors, and more!


of condominium units are occupied by one-person households or couples without children, which means Condo Confidential is predominantly read by consumers with a high percentage of disposable income.


of residents in Canadian condominiums are 65+. Today this consumer group, known as the baby boomer generation, is claimed to spend an average of $400 billion more per year than any other generation.


of residents occupying Canadian condominiums are under 35 and are currently entering into peak earning and spending years.

Circulation & Distribution

Condo Confidential Magazine has a circulation of 100,000, which is 50,500 – 96,000 more than our direct GTA / Peel Region competitors. Condo Confidential is distributed by direct mail through Canada Post at no charge to our readers. We are one of the only free printed condominium publications in Ontario and the only condominium magazine not solely based on opt-in subscriptions.

Direct Mail Statistics


of Canadians pay more attention to direct mail than any other medium


of Canadians usually read their mail the same day it arrives.


of Canadians will open mail if it looks interesting or intriguing.


of Canadians read, save, shop from or reference print advertising pieces they receive by direct mail.

Want Even More Reasons to Advertise?

Digital Editions

Condo Confidential is available online in a digital format in which all ad artwork links directly to our advertising partner’s webpage.

Advertiser Directory features an Advertiser Directory where participating advertisers are featured with a brief description, their business contact information and business location with map as guidance, as well as a link back to the advertiser’s website.

Under 40% Advertising Content

The percentage of advertising content in each issue of Condo Confidential remains under 40%, which is consistently lower than our direct GTA/Peel Region competitors.

Complimentary Web Advertising

Advertisers wishing to commit to three or more issues of Condo Confidential will have corresponding web banner ads on at no additional cost!


Beyond Advertising

Advertisers wishing to commit to three or more issues of Condo Confidential will receive a complimentary editorial space of 1000 words or less!

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