The way you decorate your home has everything to do with how you live your life. It’s a reflection of your personality, and the space you surround yourself in can largely impact your mindset on a daily basis. Most people don’t realize the effect of their settings, and this is where I come in to show them the possibilities of what we can create.

Condominiums, in particular, can allow homeowners to maximize the use of their space while still having style and openness. I have worked with clients in condominiums for a large number of reasons: to help with the transition from a house to a condo, for staging purposes, for renovations, to provide styling options, or even to act as a fresh pair of eyes and give unbiased opinions in the décor selection process. From new homeowners to retirees, I have worked with all demographics and I love helping clients see the potential of their space!

Yet still many may ask, “What can a design professional do for me that I can’t?” Designers make it a priority to be constantly informed about current and upcoming trends. With this wealth of knowledge and resources, a Designer can give you options that you never even knew you had! We have access to a much wider expanse of fabrics, to private décor showrooms, and to a larger selection of designer brands. Whether you’re looking for antiques or new custom furniture, a professional can tailor the choices to your price point and style. By updating your condo with the help of a design professional, you can achieve your vision with little hassle, lots of options, and in much quicker time.

Using a Designer will inherently give your property (and your neighbourhood) more value. The investment that you put into your home shows return during the sale of a property and almost always leads to a quicker sale. Even if you have no interest in selling, Designers can help you get it right the first time, rather than spending money on looks that may not last.




 Darlene on Demand

This service is for those clients that have an urgent or pressing need to get a designated space decorated. The styling of a room consists of an initial consultation with myself where the scope of the project is established, along with the desired style and function of the room. My team and I will then compose a complete design presentation of furniture, fabrics, artwork, lighting, and other options as appropriate. There will be more than one option for the client to review. This special package allows the client to get 12 hours of personal service for the price of 10 hours.

What sets my service apart is I truly take the time to listen, and to get to know you before we start any size of project. Each project involves thorough collaboration between the client and myself, and this partnership allows me to better understand their vision. This personalized experience means that no two projects I work on are ever the same. There’s no project too small or too large for me to take on. I want your ideas to be heard and for your home to reflect your unique style! I always say, “Your home is your oasis and at the end of the day, I leave and it’s yours to love.” I believe that a space of any size can be transformed to exude luxury and comfort. A small space can still accommodate big style while taking inspiration from new and old pieces. I take pride in incorporating existing décor with new finds. Many clients are hesitant to part with sentimental pieces, however, I always assure them that these design challenges can be overcome and we find ways to make everything work harmoniously.

Honesty, professionalism and integrity are values that I always adhere to with my business. Along with our team of architects, contractors, and licensed trades-people, we have developed a specialized process. This process takes us through a journey to create a space that is livable, functional, reflective of your lifestyle, and within your budget and timelines. Our projects exude character! We have refined the business of design with our process. It’s all in the details; every element of the project is considered and important to the end result. My process is personalized and customized to exceed your expectations!


Darlene’s Top Picks

Decorative Must-Haves for the Spring and Summer Season!


Colourful, patterned, striped or geometric pillows


Indoor plants or succulents


Fun summer serving trays or dishes


Decorative lanterns for candles


Outdoor vase planters