A new year often sets the stage for a fresh start.  Here’s the top ten list of design trends for the coming year from Anita Wiklém of Wiklém Design inc.

1. Shed a New Light

Hang an oversized pendant light over a table. It adds whimsical flair and performs as a head turning sculpture or work of art.

2. Turn a Negative Space Into a Positive

The space around an object is just as important as the object itself. Allow for breathing room with important accessories to ensure they are given their due.

3. Combat the Clutter

We have all heard that “less is more”. Does an object bring joy or evoke a special memory? If not, it may be time to donate it to make room for… well, nothing!

4. Create a Backdrop

Design your space with neutral off-white, off-cream and off-charcoal hues. Then add unique elements that make the space yours alone such as cultural accents, family history or something from your heritage. Items can be switched or rearranged easily.

5. Anchor a Table

Sometimes it is a challenge to find the perfect table centerpiece with a large enough proportion. Create grandeur with 10 to 15 of the same item, in different shapes and sizes, in the same colour for the middle of the table. Not only is the whole effect greater than the sum of the parts, but you have versatility on a budget.


6. Take Shape

The style, design and shape of furniture has become more important than the pattern itself.  The focus is more on the texture and silhouette of things. Try resin seating with wooden legs or iconic sculptural pieces from the 50s or 60s.

7. Embrace the Colour of the Year

The Pantone colours of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity which have transcended into fashion and design. Whether used boldly or subtly as an accent, the latest colours will ensure your space lends a very current feel.

Add panache by weaving splashes of unexpected colour to accessories. Featured here, Rose Quartz area rug and Serenity glass platter, Pantone 2016 colours of the year. Feature room designed by Wiklém Design inc. for One 6 Nine Jones, a new development in Leslieville from builder Lifestyle Custom Homes.

8. Shine On

Brass and gilded finishes are strong for everything from fixtures to frames while chrome continues to reign supreme in kitchens and baths.

9. Take a Cue from Mother Nature

The most current materials are raw, rich and natural and are used to celebrate the natural substance of the materials. Rough-hewn metals and contrasting woods like black walnut add dimension and modernity to any space.

10. Update Your Space

Change things up on a budget by switching cushions, bowls, vases, frames, throws and accessories. Instantly infuse the latest trends of colour, texture and style while you transform your space.

For more living examples of these trends in action visit wiklemdesign.com