Many people today are happy to buy cheap sofas and tables and throw them away when the poorly made furnishings inevitably fall apart. However, due to the quick manufacturing methods, this furniture is rarely comfortable for long and quickly starts to show its true quality. Fabric rapidly looks worn, begins to fray and discolour, and seat cushion padding begins to soften, adding an unwelcomed texture. It seems good quality furniture is becoming progressively difficult to come by, which has sparked an interest in re-upholstery practices. Increasingly, owners are holding on to older, quality pieces, such as wing back chairs or French provincial sofas, to reinvigorate them with life.

Having older, quality pieces of furniture re-upholstered can allow you the creative freedom to create a unique look by utilizing fabrics of your own choice. Upholsters can even come to your home with a wide selection of materials to choose from and can offer recommendations to match the style of your home. Having the ability to work on-site for small repairs can even save owners time and money.

Re-upholstery may not be as cheap as replacing old furniture with a new low budget piece; however, it certainly costs much less than replacing furniture with a like for like quality piece. Re-upholstering will save you money in the long run and pay for itself over time – as well as preserve something that may be very special to you.


Although many people re-sell or donate their old furniture to others, it is important for all of us to remember that thousands of household items, including furniture, end up in landfills each year, adding to consumer waste. By re-upholstering old furniture, you are re-using and recycling wood that has already been harvested and that alone is a great contribution to our environment!