The backyard and kitchen counter have a lot in common this year; they’re both ideal places to grow. New changes in indoor gardening technology combined with an ever-increasing demand for clean food means it’s easier than ever to garden 365
days a year.

The top 2017 Garden Trends from trendspotting firm, Garden Media Group, reflect consumers’ increasing desire to access healthy food and fresh air no matter the season. They mirror what modern technology has known for years: Mother Nature doesn’t have jurisdiction indoors. Gone are the days where we have to limit our growing options based on our climate, soil conditions, water or space.


Top Garden Trends for 2017

Peak Season: New technology turns any kitchen counter into a vegetable garden. Clean, healthy and delicious food is now at our fingertips all year long with products like the GrowBox and GrowWall from OPCOM Farm.
Wellness Hotspots: From garden therapy and forest bathing to soundscaping and workplace culture, healthy is the new wealthy – and trees are at the forefront of this trend. The Davey Tree Expert Company says trees help minimize the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin.

Tidy Gardens: Tidy gardens does not mean trimmed hedges and clean corners, it simply reflects a global shift toward reduced consumption coupled with finding bliss in what you do, not in what you have. Compact shrubs are ideal for small spaces.
Clean Gardening: Many people now demand to know what is in and on their food – and where it comes from. The demand for organic, locally sourced food now far exceeds the supply. Companies like Espoma are catering to this demand with organic lawn and garden products.

Uber-izing Gardening: Subscription services introduce people, especially Millennials, to products they didn’t even know they wanted. The garden industry is poised to ride this rising trend.

Buzz Off!: Bats, birds and flowers are the best form of natural pest control.

Gardening Love: Elevated consumer interest in indoor and outdoor growing is creating a love of flowers and plants, and, as a result, more interest in horticulture as a hobby and a career.

This is just a snapshot. Garden Media’s complete 2017 Garden Trends Report: Grow 365 is now available for free download at