Some years back in our former “renting” years, an annual ritual took place in our building when once a year a solemn letter from the Management Office arrived at our doors. It was the exact same letter every year – just the date was changed. The letter started by saying, “Cockroaches are PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 and your building is declaring war on them.” Following that, a schedule of dates was printed advising residents when a pest technician would be coming to the apartments to carry out a treatment. Beyond that, we never heard much, we were never even asked if there was a problem in our apartment in the first place or how that so-called “war” was going.

All wars – whether those recorded from history or even the “wars” on pests – can teach us lessons. We can all learn at least how these wars were/are waged and what was the result at the end. Or, in the case of the war on pests, if the war even ended.

Condominium residents are constantly involved in a long and drawn out, almost never-ending war with pests. Written references to some pesticides being used in agriculture have been around for at least 4000 years. More recent and frequent references to pest control and pest control methods come from the 18/19th centuries.

In this 21st century era, that war on pests goes on aided by new research and general improvements in the variety of treatment options available for both the technician and the customer. But still, the march of the pesky cockroaches continues; the arrival of the dreaded bedbugs in the very early 2000s has actually moved the cockroaches a notch down on the “enemy” list, and many folks are slowly realizing that rats and mice are increasing in vast numbers simply due to the ever-increasing warmer weather. No need to try and burrow underground and stay there when now many winter days don’t feel that cold any more. This allows the rats to get an earlier start foraging for food, and starting another new family or two!

Pest control companies working with customers in today’s crowded cities and large high rise buildings are challenged more they have ever been before. The best way to win the war is to work together.

  1. Pest technicians can only be effective if residents do their part. This means cleaning up dirty kitchens and discarding and/or putting away food sources. A dirty unit will still attract cockroaches no matter how much pest control treatments are applied.
  2. People who think they’ll never get bed bugs and take no precautions or don’t become pro-active can be in for a big and unpleasant surprise! Properly encase mattresses and shield your bed from bugs.
  3. Get educated. Education is quickly emerging as the primary weapon in the war on pests. Ask your pest control company to get basic tips on keeping your unit pest free. Hug Group Pest Control believes in this educational approach – providing an extra service to busy managers who also have to juggle competing priorities. The right education helps homeowners become more confident that they can do so much more themselves in eradicating pest problems in their unit and saving themselves from both extra stress and unnecessary spending. Education is also appreciated by the Board, who can breathe a little easier knowing that the budget for pest control can be better managed.
  4. No to D-I-Y. There’s a risk that it’ll be done incorrectly, increasing infestation (which may also affect neighbouring units), hence incurring more costs.
  5. Choose a pest control company that cares. Choosing your pest control service provider should focus on what they know about pest control, how they carry it out, and of course how much they charge for their services. Keep an eye out for innovative pest control service providers who can tailor-fit solutions to all kinds of pest control issues. At a roach infested property, Hug Group Pest Control had to think out of the box to find a solution as one sick resident could not be moved out of his unit. Instead of an aggressive treatment, the company resorted to bait application and extensive use of traps over the span of a couple of months. The result? A cockroach-less unit and a happy resident.

The war on pests today may very well be won through using smart approaches, well-planned treatments and the education and support of all concerned. A good pest control service provider will produce a well–planned technical and strategical approach that will eradicate determined and relentless invaders who have learned how to co-exist with humans as they hide out in our personal living spaces.

In the fight to be pest-free, it’s crucial to get in the know.