Would you like to get into a regular exercise routine, but your hectic daily schedule prevents you from doing so? If that’s the case, then say hello to high intensity interval training (HIIT). This provides you with a fantastic workout that you can perform from the comfort of home in a matter of minutes and, once maintained consistently, it often achieves stunning results.

HIIT is also wonderfully cost-effective. You don’t need to sign up to a long-term gym membership contract in order to reap the benefits of high intensity exercise. Most exercises can be completed within your own home or by simply going for a walk or run. If you own a bike, cycling is another option.

HIIT is so brilliantly flexible that you’d be foolish not to at least try it out. If you decide that it is the right option for you, just be mindful not to overdo it. The clue is in the name, so the high intensity of the exercises will be rather challenging when you start out. The key is to push yourself to your limits, but no further, as doing so will likely lead to an injury and cancel out any benefits from the exercise. It is equally important to give yourself time to rest. If your body is still sore from the previous day’s HIIT routine, it’s OK to give the workout a miss for one evening. Performing a high intensity workout on tired muscles will do much more harm than good.

For all the key pointers on HIIT, check out the infographic below from My Fitness Boutique.