The last 19 years, I’ve lived and trained for international skating. I moved away from my hometown of Red Lake in Northern Ontario at an early age of 13 – and started boarding with other families until I finally rented my own place in my twenties. At 24, skating brought me back to Montreal to my current training base and this past June, I celebrated a milestone where for the first time in my life, I acquired a space that is truly my own.

This landmark event comes with another life changing occasion as I am building a home with my fiancé. The challenge was to balance both our individual preferences,


creating a home that reflected our personalities. Of course, as a driven athlete, I was up for the challenge!

I’ve learned that my taste leans towards function and comfort while Luis thrives in style with visual appeal. As you can appreciate, we had a few hurdles, but we have successfully turned our home into one that is uniquely our own.

Upgrading from a small one-bedroom to a two-bedroom, a natural assumption was that the extra square footage would be liberating. We quickly realized that even with additional space, a room has the tendency to fill up very quickly and become crowded.

Prior to working our magic, the living and dining rooms were painted a pale yellow and each room was a different colour. The shades were warm but a little stifling, so our first step to customizing our abode was to paint everything a crisp white. This lightened up the entire space and made it feel bigger. We also knocked down a small wall separating part of the kitchen and the dining room, which instantly opened up the space and helped enlarge the room. We added ceiling lights along the hallway and in the bathroom as well as over the doorway. A mirror at the end of the hallway gave the impression of more space.

We made the biggest changes in the bathroom. It was definitely outdated compared to the rest of our home. We had the floor and shower re-tiled and a brand new faucet and shower head installed. The change was dramatic and worth it.