Photography: Shannon Ross

Staged by: Shay Steinberg

As condominiums grow to be home options for more people, the search to find the perfect pieces to furnish them naturally becomes the next step. If you have ever gone shopping for a condominium – whether it be for you or a loved one, you come to realize that the struggle is certainly real. You’re familiar with the frustration that typically pops up when browsing bigger retailers that just don’t have what you’re looking for. Typically, the sizes are made for larger spaces and although the design is great, it just will not work in your smaller space.

With small space living, understanding that living more with less may be the secret to maximizing your square footage. What does this mean exactly? Conventional furniture may not work, and careful, strategic placement needs to be utilized in order to create a well put together humble abode. Creating the illusion of space without sacrificing utility is a smart and effective way to furnish your space.

To jumpstart your shopping venture, we have compiled a list of pieces that will inspire you to re-envision small space living and embrace minimalism; whether it’s a convertible table, storage bed or even a sofa bed. Knowing what’s in the market for 2017 will help you get a head start on furnishing your condo for the first time, or to re-think the possibilities for condo home décor.

Strong geometrics remain on trend and make a bold statement in a room, especially when enlarged. This season, patterns will pop up in various furnishings, displayed oversized with architectural facets.

Solutions to common small space woes:


It’s a common problem, believe it or not. Sometimes a queen-sized bed may not fit, let alone the addition of a dresser and two nightstands. The question then becomes, “Where do I put all my stuff?” Yes, you can put it in your locker or storage, but what if you have to access the contents on a regular basis? Hydraulic storage beds that give personality and charm are available in double, queen and king sizes. Do away with drawers that occupy space. A simple hydraulic lift mechanism allows for more storage.


How about the layouts with a vague distinction between living and dining area? Ask yourself how often you have guests over versus the frequency that you use the dining set as a storage area. Getting a convertible coffee/dining table like the Prism enlarges your living room and allows you to maximize your space – merging your living and dining area into one. When you do have dinner around the dinner table, simply lift the table from coffee to dining height. Want to invite family and friends over? This brilliant table design has hidden panels inside the table that are inserted to accommodate up to ten people.


Do you live in an older building that has smaller entryways and openings? The space itself is sizeable, but getting a larger sofa built in one solid piece just isn’t feasible. The solution is to go modular. Modular sofas are built in pieces and assembled on-site in your home. The ‘Mini-Loo’ is a great option for smaller spaces with its smart design. Because it comes in pieces, you can actually configure it in over 21 ways (including a bed for overnight guests)!

BONUS: It’s slipcovered for easy cleaning and has storage under each piece!


Work from home with the functionality of the ‘Lyndon’. This great little piece is small enough to be propped against a wall to be used as a foyer table and even makes for a useful desk. It’s the perfect size to act as a divider to distinguish two separate areas in your home. Plus, this little transformer lets you accommodate more guests as it flips open to a dining table to seat between four to six.


Great designs really do come in small packages with the ‘Campbell’. Ever wanted to entertain guests, but could not accommodate more than four people at a time? With an expandable console/dining table, you can now host your much yearned for party right in your own space! At its smallest, it is the size of a console table. You can place it against the wall and tuck a chair underneath and use it as a desk. With one panel, it can be used as the perfect four seater dining table. As more guests come over, you can accommodate up to twelve people.


Though not a new concept, finding the perfect sofa bed can be challenging. Modern Sensibility is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to sofa beds. Say goodbye to the traditional mattress racking system. Their designs are lightweight and are cleverly designed. Residents may not always have the luxury of an extra room for overnight guests. Enter sofa beds that are designed specifically for small spaces. The ‘Aztec’, at only 73”, converts into a queen- sized bed. Lift the trundle base and it becomes a lounger. Click the back rest and it folds down to a bed.


Create a multi-functional room with customizable wall bed systems. With the additions of headboard, sofa, cabinetry and lighting options, the possibilities allow the end user to create a one-of-a-kind space that works to the dimensions of their room. The addition of custom cabinetry allows you to maximize storage.

All pieces shown in this article can be seen at Small Space Plus, a Toronto retailer that specializes in everything small spaces. Shop online at  or visit their retail location. Follow Small Space Plus @smallspaceplus on Instagram. Like Small Space Plus on Facebook.