Why, you ask? Because it is luxurious, minimal and adds dimension and space. Mirrors give off a spacious illusion due to their reflective nature. The fact that a piece of furniture can do this is beneficial and exciting for home owners, especially those who are living in condominiums and apartments.

According to Urbanation.ca, the average price of an existing detached home is now $952,983 — closing in on the $1 million point reached by new homes earlier this year. With the housing market soaring in Toronto, people are considering condominiums due to the inflation of prices on homes in the GTA. So what can you do about décor and living space with an average of about 700 square feet? A lot, because less can definitely be more!

Mirrored furniture is simple, yet elegant, and it is also multi-functional. Bedrooms, in particular, are more congested compared to other rooms so people are always looking to “add” more space. If you ask any interior decorator, any mirrored dresser or night stand in a bedroom can make a huge difference. Making mirrored furniture a focal point in a room is the best way to achieve a feel for more open space. Decorating with mirrored pieces can be done in a way to show off many elements in a room such as the wallpaper, chandelier, ceiling and other decorative pieces. You can position anything to the mirror to make it stand out instead of making a room look hidden and dull.

There are many different types of mirrored furniture. There are ones that are more traditional with plain trimming, ones that are antiqued with etchings on the mirror and with patterned trimming, and even ones that are more decorative rather than functional. There are also ones that are more clean and modern with bevelled mirrors and angles.

It is important to remember that although there are several manufacturers that offer mirrored furniture, finding one that is of high quality and good design is important. For example, mirrored furniture with drawers should always run on ball bearing full extensions. When opening and closing these drawers, it’s important that they glide easily and smoothly. The trimming or solid material of the furniture should also be solid and sturdy. The detailing with the cut of glass should be well aligned and in place with the body of the furniture.

Fingerprints are a main reason for cleaning not just on mirrors but other materials in the household and maintenance of furniture can sometimes become bothersome, especially if it requires special treatment from cleaning products that are hard to find. The great thing about cleaning mirrors, is that you can use any household products such as Windex. You can even make a cleaner out of lemon, vinegar and warm water to give your mirrored furniture a sparkling clean look. A duster or a scratch proof cloth can also wipe the dust or fingerprints from the mirror.

Mirrored furniture has been the buzz for centuries and it’s still in high demand amongst furniture products. In this day and age where selfies are the centre of attention because of social media, mirrors, whether they be on your wall or standing next to your bed, will never go out of style. Using these timeless pieces in a room will automatically give a feel of luxury, comfort and glam.

Design Living North America’s featured mirrored products!


A simple and clean beveled mirrored “tall boy” that is perfect for storing clothing since most condo spaces have very limited closet room.


A perfect mirrored coffee table that can fit in any condo living space with a large pull out drawer that’s hidden to the style of the table. Just pull from underneath and you have endless room to fit any books, coasters or other knick knacks.


The most popular and versatile piece is the 3-drawer cabinet. Commonly used as bedroom side tables, bedroom cabinets or hallway cabinets.


A piece that’s great in size and design for a den or bedroom. Everyone needs a work area in their condo and this five drawer mirrored piece with trimming is simple and beautiful.


A smaller mirrored cabinet that is commonly used as bedroom side tables. It’s size and working three drawers helps with storage and space.