Today’s business is all about building relationships. Living in a condominium, you get to know your Superintendent, Security Staff and your Property Manager or Building Manager. Over a number of years you learn little bits about each of them and they of you. This makes life all the more pleasant and in short order, a friendly working relationship has been established between you.

There is, however, a moment when the line may be crossed by a request or question, and we intend to guide you through that carefully drawn line by outlining the ten things you should never ask your Property or Building Manager.


Do you want to see my scar?

While we are sympathetic to residents’ medical conditions and procedures, we never, ever, need to see the evidence.


Can you drive me to cash a third Party Cheque for my common expenses?

This is just a bad idea all around.


Can I turn in my key fob for the $25.00 deposit to buy cigarettes and then pay it back?

Who am I, Payday Loans?


My wife is out of town, can you come to the laundry room and check to see if I’ve sorted my clothes right?

Are you kidding me?!


Can I keep guns in my suite?

At a loss for words…


Do I have to wear a bathing suit in the whirlpool?

Yes, please do.


Will you look after my cat, bird, fish, etc. while I’m on vacation?

Only bad things will come from this. Believe me, I know.


Do you know if there are ghosts in this building?

Yes, of all the Property Managers that have gone before me.


Do you know how I can reach the President of the United States?

Sure, I have him on speed-dial.


Do you mind if my friend Peter sits here while we talk?

No problem, invisible friends are always welcome.

Sitting behind the management desk, one hears all sorts of tales of woe, confessions, and concerns.  Some are sad, some are serious but the best ones are the completely ridiculous that make for great conversation at your next party or get-together.  Those are the gems.