A guide to window coverings for your Condo from

Just bought a new condo with floor to ceiling windows, lots of natural light, and a fabulous view? That’s great! Dressing your windows, however, can pose a challenge. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for window treatments.


Does your Corporation have any restrictions?

Before thinking about the style and type of window treatments, be sure to speak to your Building or Property Manager about any restrictions for style and colour. A common rule is “only white or off-white backing”; this means that the treatment can be any colour on the inside, but the outside view needs to appear white or off-white to create a uniform look.


Wall mounted or ceiling mounted window treatments?

Nowadays, most condos are built with expansive floor to ceiling windows. A question of how to mount your beautiful window treatments, however, normally comes up. Should you put the window treatments above the transom, leave the transom exposed, or behind a bulkhead?

Universal mounting brackets will let you enjoy your chosen style while still fulfilling the requirement of either ceiling or wall mounted window treatments.


Is privacy an issue?

There are a wide range of options in order to shut-out unwanted gazes from neighbours without having to worry about obstructing the view.

Some contemporary screen shades come in different openness percentage to meet your privacy needs. Screen shades allow you to have daytime privacy while maintaining your fabulous view. There are also products that come with a Top/Down, Bottom Up feature that allow natural light to come in, but still maintain your privacy.

In addition, a noisy street can be an inconvenience when you want some peace and quiet after a long day. Window treatments with sound barriers and insulating materials will limit the amount of sound coming in your unit.


Want to filter out the harsh light?

Large windows are great for that amazing city view but it can also make your unit feel like a sauna due to heat from the sun. Insulated window treatments can help protect your unit from heat gain or heat loss. This means your unit will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The sun’s UV rays can also damage your hardwood floors, furnishings and artwork. Installing sheer and screen window treatments can filter out the UV rays, and this will protect your furniture and interior from fading.

Tan lines are not for your furniture! No one wants their beautiful new couch to fade because of the sun. To enjoy natural light without worrying about fading furniture, purchase products with a UV protective layer.

Lyle’s Top Picks

Signature Window Fashions’ featured products for condos!



Stop the sun and keep the view! Excellent energy efficiency. Reduces UV, heat and glare. Reduces the fading of furniture, flooring and art!


Sliding Panel

Clean lines and a simple contemporary look, sliding panels offer the perfect solution for patio doors, large windows, and are ideal for a room divider.



Soft fabric vanes suspended between two sheer panels allow you to create an endless variety of moods by tilting the vanes.


Ripple-fold Sheers/Drapery

Designer fabrics, decorative rods and trims in the latest styles to compliment your décor and lifestyle. Fabric adds texture, warmth and the finishing touch to any room.



The soft fold of Romans but the light and view control of a Blind. Rises up and out of the way like a shade. The Best of 3 in 1 Treatment!

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